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Room 803, Oriental Place

No. 9, East Dongfang Road

North Dongsanhuan Road

Chaoyang District Beijing

100027 China




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How do you charge for your services?

WCT Events typically charges a service fee for the overall trip/event planning package.  We take into consideration the length of the trip, number of travelers, complexities of the schedule, number of meetings arranged, and scale and scope of the events and leisure activities.

Will you do piecemeal work?

WCT Event works with clients in many different ways; however, our clients have found that WCT Events’ true value comes from our ability to think strategically about the overall schedule. When WCT Events manage everything from beginning to end, we can suggest additional contacts that might be worth meeting at various agencies, we can recommend opportunities for speaking engagements and press coverage, and most importantly we can ensure that your time spent in China is enjoyable and completely seamless.  

Who are your clients?

Our clients span various industries and sectors.  We have clients that range from global Fortune 100 companies to small companies just beginning to explore the China market; from cultural organizations hosting major donors to universities showcasing athletes or connecting MBA students.  

What areas of China do you serve?

WCT Events is headquartered in Beijing with teams in both Beijing and Shanghai.  Our teams cover all of China, and most of our clients have 2-3 destinations per trip, many of which are in second and third tier cities.

If a company already exists in China, why would they need your services?

Our clients with a strong China presence turn to WCT Events for a few different reasons.  They may have a global board of directors coming to China for a meeting, and realize that their employees in China don’t have the time or expertise to manage a high-level, international delegation.  Or perhaps they are looking for an outside entity to help them create an amazing event that bridges many cultures.

We thought our China office was going to be able to facilitate an international delegation.  Now we’re only a few weeks out and things are not where they need to be.  Can WCT Events help us?

You’re not alone!  Many of our clients who have offices in China end up coming to us in crisis mode.  We can definitely help you take advantage of the planning that has already been done and execute in a manner that exceeds expectations.

Do you have levels of service?  I know my company needs you, but I’m not sure we can afford you.

While WCT Events has extremely high standards, and an equally good reputation to maintain, we understand that corporate budgets can be tight from time to time.  Everything we do is 100% customized so we are happy to help you look at finding a way to impress that fits within your budget.